High School Laboratory Addition

Ocean Lakes High School is the Math and Science Academy for VA Beach Public Schools. We were asked to design a 2 story addition to house much needed laboratory and general science lab space. Designed as a freestanding building, the addition was able to be constructed almost entirely without disrupting school operations. To connect the building to the existing school circulation, 2 bridges were designed and prefabricated off site. Construction lasted a full school year and the final tie-in was completed over the summer.

Capacity: 360 students

Area: 24,870 SF

Design + Construction: 15 months

Cost: $5,200,000

Owner: VA Beach City Public Schools


Bridge view

The Bridges reconnect the main school circulation to the new additon. Prefabricated off site, the bridges were craned into place almost complete and greatly simplified tieing the buildings together.

The bridges are a favorite with students who use them as a place to pause on the way to class.

A majority of the Labs are on the second floor and have running windows that give panoramic views to the sports fields and landscape beyond.