Reshaping a historic Church

Crossroads Church lives in what used to be the Historic Larchmont Baptist Church. Given as a gift to Crossroads, the Church sees this restoration and bringing new life to the old structure as a primary mission. Crossroads not only brings life to the Church, but through its work has made the Church a community focus and place for a widely diverse and energetic congregation.

The design approach was a clear message formed in early discussion, let the new and contemporary sit easy with the old and historic. Provide room for a new church with contemporary ideas by simply opening up and showing off what history is already there, for the church and for the community.

Area: 22,400 SF

Design + Construction 14 months

Cost: Withheld


Place for Welcome

This is the first of 3 phases developed to transform the Church overtime through restoration and thoughtful new ways to use the old church. "More than anything else, we want people to come and feel welcome.......they should know they are always welcome, that they can belong here." No more true words from the church leadership about what they do. Our goal was to make spaces for that feeling and for that interaction to happen.


Without drastic intervention, the walls of the old church were opened up to receive the new congregation. A great analogy for the impact Crossroads has on the community, and the foundation of its church.