Growing Transportation

Hampton Roads Transit serves the transportation needs of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. With a highly diverse socio-economic demographic that is rapidly growing, the HRT Bus, Ferry, ParaTransit, and newly constructed Light Rail services are essential to the region's stability and future.

We were asked to design several infrastructure expansions of bus transfer stations, light rail enclosure for passenger ticketing, Ferry boat aquisition documents, and accessibility analyis and design.


People Infrastructure

The transit projects are people driven. Not only do the project have to tie into exisitng infrastructure but they have to be completed at the scale of the pasenger, and to make the ease use for all aspects of transporation real priorities in the design. "How do I get to the station, buy a ticket, and wait?....What if its raining? Where do I go and does this really work?" 

These are the reality based questions that have to be asked and addressed in the work. Analysis of the systems, patterns, and use become the final reality of the design work.