Remaking a Historic House in Norfolk

The renovation of a long standing Historic Greek Revival house helped to breathe new life into a neglected Norfolk home. A contributor to the Historic Register, the house was remade with new framing and systems, mouldings, casework, and finishes. Garage and living space additions were added to complete the residence. 

Design + Construction: 24 months

Area and Cost: Withheld.




Much had to be rebuilt, but there were historic plaster moldings and delicate woodwork that remained. New molds were created, and tools made to match the exsiting decorative ceiling and millwork. One historic door casing remained in tact for the last 150 years to be our guide and companion for the new work.

New Life

A new home and new beginning for the Historic house. We worked closely with the city, the community, and the neighborhood to remain appropriate to the context and history of the place. Materials were selected to integrate with the historic work but to distinguish the new additions from what is the orginal house.